The Seen and Unseen Faith

Do yourself a favor, and go type on your favorite search engine, ‘antediluvian ruins.’ You will find multiple examples of monolithic structures all around the world that boggle the mind. Sacsayhuaman in South America, Malta, the Easter Island heads, and Gilgal Rephaim in Israel. There are tons more. Even recently discovered ruins in Turkey, with faint pictographs on the stone slabs, built similarly to Stonehenge that supposedly predates it by thousands of years.

How did they get there? How were they constructed? How are they so precise that they can mark stars, seasons and survive thousands of years worth of earthquakes and a biblical flood? That’s what ‘antediluvian’ means: Pre-Flood. They are worldwide, with similar superior construction, and scholars today don’t know how people with sticks, simple stone tools, and ropes often only made of hair could have built them. Much less transport the huge multiple ton blocks from their quarries miles away. Then, fit these huge blocks so well together that in the case of the ruins of Sacsayhuaman, a sheet of paper cannot fit between them. We can see these ruins, but they defy our limited logic and understanding unless we research them. I tried to do my research, and some description ends up in my book (find out more at and ordering ‘The Rhise of Light’).

On another note but soon tied together, scientists tell us that we can only see maybe 1% of the light spectrum. We can’t hear beyond what our ears perceive with sound frequencies. Yet, we regularly reheat food with unseen radiation in microwaves, and dogs hear and react to noises beyond our hearing range. Sure, we can tap into these ranges with UV lamps, radio stations, and infrared goggles, but we are limited in our scope and ability. 

My point with these observations is that we live in a universe where there are things we usually cannot see, hear, or even understand, and that is where faith takes over. We cannot look back through time to see precisely who built these ruins and how. We can’t wake up one day and suddenly see and hear more than the human capability (unless God did that for you).

Many are fascinated by the unknown and constantly seek answers. I am sure some would be surprised to know that many solutions have already been given, and they can be found in the Bible. I don’t claim to know all the answers, and in comparison to biblical scholars, I am a fool. But I know my God, and I have faith to fill in the gaps.

Many stories feature secret wars that society knows nothing about. Vampires versus Werewolves. Aliens against Humans. The supernatural and the protectors of the public. They fascinate us, and our souls gravitate towards them because our spirits are stirred by the topic. These wars in movies, tv shows, and books are hidden from the world but are shown through normal vision and hearing.

Can you comprehend the vast war of light and darkness in what we can’t usually see? I can’t! “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.” ‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭6:12‬. I would like to imagine hordes of angelic beings and demonic forces crashing against each other, all while we are doing something as simple as getting a cup of coffee. Or bringing supplies to a food bank. We like the idea of secret wars because, surprise, there is one going on right now!

Notice the verse says rulers, authorities, cosmic powers, and spiritual forces are what we fight against. All are plural, which means we struggle against more than just ‘Satan.’ Even the word ‘satan’ is just a word, quite literally meaning ‘adversary.’ Yet more often than not, we ascribe every pitfall in our life to a singular being. Sometimes even God, who wants nothing but good for us.

Thus, this secret war is more convoluted than the average person knows. A primary aspect of war is to ‘know your enemy, yet who can name more than just one adversary? Yet, while we must research more into our foes, we most certainly have a friend we know in Christ Jesus! No matter the evil or how many unseen forces come against us, he will be our salvation. God’s mercy and strength outlast all, even mysterious ruins possibly built by giants before a great flood!

‘Wait, who did you say could have built those ruins, Max?’ More on THAT next time!

Picture of Sacsayhuaman wall from

Light spectrum image gathered from

Author: maxbsternberg

Max B. Sternberg lives in Virginia with his wonderful wife and two incredible boys. When he is not working, or filling his time with the activities of a husband and dad, he enjoys delving deeper into biblical scripture and telling dad jokes. He strives to live his life as best he can – in all areas – for Jesus. Max believes that humor, mixed with truth, and tied together in a relatable way, can be an amazing way to reach people for the Lord. It is his sincere hope that readers will find his imaginings, paired together with biblical truth, inspirational for a deeper relationship with Christ. For more info, please check out his author page at His works, the Darkness Overcome Series, include The Rhise of Light, The Rhise of Hope (Releases Dec 20th, 2021), and The Rhise of Truth (Releases 2022).

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