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Cover Reveal for “Travesty London, and the Sceptre of St. Ezra”

At last!

The story is about a detective who searches dreams for clues. He investigates a theft brought about by a demon, the theft of the Sceptre of St. Ezra, a relic kept in the Church of the Pillar of Cloud.

He is faced with many curious obstacles: an invisible curse, a monster that can turn itself to adamant, a shadow that is cast by nothing, a computer error, etc.

He also makes one very curious friend.

Here’s the cover!

(I’ll probably still be doing a few edits on it).

Bearding the Chapter Title Alliteration

Instead of doing yet another excerpt, I thought I’d give a bit of the process; so here are my thoughts, or “over-thoughts” (from “over-thinking”, haha) on one of my chapter titles.

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A tale of Two Kitties

By: Judge and Alanna Rodriguez

Hello everyone! It looks like it’s that time once again! For this month’s article, I thought I would share with you the first part of a short story I wrote a little while ago.

Historical Authors 2019

“Gather around children and let me tell you the story of how I met your father,” Juliet purrs to her babies.

The small kittens snuggle into their mother’s belly and each other, knowing what she expects: for this to be a story for them to go to sleep to.

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Croc Colch Going Home

Croc Colch ran his clean, peach coloured fingers through the feathers of his Tabasco ostrich. Fans of dry gravy, an ornate crown of lead, and a trumpet of the same. Fuchsias with fuzzy pouches. He was far from home: among long warehouses, slanted corrugated roofs, and gilded crowns above their doors. Dirty gravel underfoot, cool breeze with scents of diesel and grease. Splinters, glass, and cut rusted metal guarded the structures more closely and thoroughly than guard dogs.

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