Introducing the newest author to our group, ME!

Judge and Alanna Rodriguez

By: Judge Rodriguez

Greetings and salutations all!

As my inaugural article, I figured I would post some things about myself, that I might be able to properly introduce myself to you.

In the last four decades I have played a number of roles: first and foremost a follower of Christ, a father, son, husband, arch-enemy, best friend, brother, soldier, airman, living history re-enactor, historian, craftsman, mechanic, machiavellian genius, psychologist, villain, hero, technician, engineer, and finally, author.

I have found that all of those roles intertwine to fit into the final one.

I have spent years as a casual author. Really, what I spent time writing was no more than an introduction to the numerous different kinds and classes of characters I was working on. Most of them are mere shadows of what it takes to be in a long-term storyline, but a few have made their way into different places of the Legends of the Landrun series.

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