A Giant Problem

One thing I find interesting and disappointing about today’s culture is the lack of ‘civil’ discourse. In a day and age where discussion can quickly devolve into argument, it would be impossible to come to any understanding between two disagreeing people if there isn’t a foundation of respect first. I would love to let my reader know that I do deeply respect them, even if we may foundationally disagree on certain biblical truths.

Truths like giants.

Many children learn about the story of David and Goliath early on in their lives. Even if we cannot nail down a measurement of a specific height of Goliath, the Bible makes it pretty clear: The dude was big. He even had brothers, and their genealogy referenced as being ‘Sons of Anak’ or ‘Anakim’. So for those interested in the topic, it begs the question, who was this Anak guy?

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