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A Relevant Rhetorical Question

By: Judge and Alanna Rodriguez

Greetings everyone!

Thank you for joining us this month once again! Now that our version of Romeo and Juliet has been completed, I have to admit I have been struggling to be able to post part of any story without posting any secrets for the books we are currently working on.

So, that fact being known brings to mind a simple question. What are your motivations for being a writer if you are one, or for reading what you do?

Now, this is a bit of a rhetorical question, but one that needs be asked of oneself at least once in awhile.

For me, as a reader, I like to try and lose myself in the storyline, to give myself a bit of a break from the absolute insanity of real life. Some people look to television, sports, some to things like cars/etc., yet others look to books.

I’ve always been a reader. I remember growing up and getting into a lot of trouble, simply because I was notorious for staying up late reading on whatever book I recently started. What pushes you to read further into a story or book?

As a writer, I have always had the desire to have my story be heard. That is, whatever story I was working on at that point. Throughout time, I have worked on several different stories, only to have them end in utter failure, or more to the point, something would always happen to give me cause to stop writing the story. Either a significant other would say something that would make me not want to finish the story, or a friend would say something disparaging about the writing and turn me away from it.

That all ended in 2018 when I started writing on what is now the Legends of the Landrun series. Between my wife urging me on, and using the writing to help urge her on in hers, we have released four books, with another sixteen planned for the Legends series. That doesn’t include another seven for the Minoan Chronicles and four for the “To This You Are Called” series.

Recently, I have had reason to ask myself the question of why do I write, or read what I do? The answer I came up with is actually quite simple: Writing is cathartic. When I feel stressed, anxious, depressed, ignored, or simply need an escape from the world for awhile, I turn to writing.

So, if you ever find yourself in need of making an escape from the world for a short while, it might be an indication you need to step back and put pen to paper, as it were. Until I wrote “The End” to Marshal, I didn’t know the joy of having completed a full project.

So, I am closing out this article by asking the same question of you: What reason do you choose to write or read what you do?

Judge Rodriguez and his wife Alanna are currently co-authoring the Legends of the Landrun Series available in e-book, paperback, and now in hardback format. They can be found here.

The End to an Eventful Year

By: Judge and Alanna Rodriguez

Greetings all! First and foremost, Merry Christmas! As we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, I wish to thank you for joining us this month. Since this will be my last posting for the year, I figured I would post something a little different than the regularly scheduled story.

This month, as I normally do during this time of year, I thought I would share part of my end of year reflections to help reflect on the end of a dumpster fire of a year.

Not only has this been a year of new beginnings, but one of loss, of lost loved ones and friends.

For those of you that have paid close attention to my postings this year, back in July, I posted a memorial to my father, so he will be the first I will mention.

My father was a good man, I learned much from him, both from his successes and from his failures. Pop, you will always be with us in heart, mind and spirit. I just hope that you smile down on me from heaven, saying, “Yup, that’s my boy!”

Next I figure to mention is Officer Larry Craig. Ah-doe-day, Alanna and I will miss your conversation as well as your sage advice. I remember the number of hours we spent discussing things and listening to your stories. We will always treasure your words and your thoughtfulness. Both yours and Pam’s conversations never failed to bring smiles to our faces.

Beverly Terry. Though the last few years we haven’t really spoken much, you have been on our hearts. We have missed your efforts both with and for the schoolhouse. Your name will always be associated with that historic building and we will miss you.

Aunt Margarite. We both remember the visits with you and the family. Those memories will stick with us for decades to come.

Uncle Larry and Aunt Judy. We didn’t really get to know you very well, but your loss has been sorely felt, especially in Maureen’s part of the family.

Not all that has gone on this year has been loss, but there have been good things to happen as well. I have started a new job, we have been able to pay off (thanks to insurance) our car, and we have made plenty of memories from numerous events, most recently the Territorial Christmas Carol. We wish to thank those whom have helped support us in the making of those memories, Especially Maureen, Kelly, and Nicole.

Not only have we been able to further our efforts in the Legends of the Landrun series, but have also dedicated some time to writing other stories as well, including Book 1 of the Minoan Chronicles as well as most recently, Nibbles’ First Noel. We have also been able to finally release the hardback versions of the books that we have written in the legends series, an effort of several months.

We wish to thank those of you that have followed along with our articles and story-bits this year. Your endorsements have helped to reinvigorate our efforts.

Judge Rodriguez and his wife Alanna are currently co-authoring the Legends of the Landrun Series available in e-book, paperback, and now in hardback format. They can be found here.

Digory and Molly: An Introduction

By: Judge and Alanna Rodriguez

Historical Authors November 2019

Hello, once again! Thank you for joining us this month as we delve into the beginnings of one of the families of the Legends of the Landrun series!
Last month, we looked at the MacKenzie family making the decision to go to the Indian Territory. This month we look at how they began! This is one slice of what is going to be one of the later books , which is going to cover the story of the MacKenzies and the role they play in not only the “Legends of the Landrun” series, but also the “To This You Are Called” series. Thank you!

Digory Mackenzie looks down at the small boy displaying the headlines of a newspaper, saying, “Southern colonies secede from Union! War is imminent!”
The young Scotsman frowns. He was planning on going to New York City. Now, it looks like the American colonies are about to go to war with each other? He sighs. This was the last thing he’d been expecting when he left his parents house close to a year ago.
His father was a railroad worker in the northern part of England and his mother a seamstress for the local magistrate.
Digory glances down at his ruck-sack. It’s not much, but other than the ticket sitting in his pocket, it’s all that he owns in the world.
He looks down the street and spies his destination: the Atlantic Runner.
Knowing that there’s a cabin set aside for him already, Digory grins. Oh, his passage cost him almost every shilling he owned, but he easily expects to recoup his losses once he makes his way to the mainland of the Americas.
Slowly, he makes his way down the crowded street toward the wharves.

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Introduction of the Mackenzies

By: Judge and Alanna Rodriguez

Historical Authors 2019

Hello all!

Thank you for joining us this month as we bring in some of the additional characters for “The Marshal’s Choice”. We hope you enjoy the blurb!

Seeing his mother mounted on her horse out among the herd, Ian frowns, then bellows, “Mithir! There’s been news!”

Molly, Ian’s mother, turns in the saddle and nods to her son, then holds up a finger, indicating that she’ll be right there.

Ian turns and snorts at the bemused expression his father is giving him.

Digory MacKenzie looks at his son and shrugs his shoulders. “Ya know yer Mithir. When she gets som’tin’ in her mine, doncha go tryin’ ta stop’er.”

Ian nods to his father. “Yeah, I know, Da. You might have known her about thirty years or so, but I’ve known her my whole life.”

Digory’s laugh is full-bodied and natural. “True t’hat.” His grin is full of mischief and hope. “Jes wait til she hears tha news we got.”

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The Beginning of the Marshal’s Legend of the Landrun.

By: Judge Rodriguez

Historical Authors

Hello everyone! First of all, thank you for joining me this month as I continue some of the stories leading up to the beginning of the Legends of the Landrun series. This month, I set it up for John Cardwell. Hope you enjoy the read!

Col. Johnston, an aging, portly horse soldier lights a cigar, then leans back in his chair. At the sound of a knock on his office door, he says, “Yes?”

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