What kind of advice can I give other authors?

By: Judge Rodriguez

Judge and Alanna Rodriguez
November 2019

In the last several articles I have written, I have eluded to some of the struggles I have had being an author. Not only being an author, but being a Christian Historical Fiction author at that.

While the genre is rather more selective, you write what you know, right? I have a knowledge of Faith, psychology, history, machinery, being a gunsmith, chemistry, even medicine. Until my wife convinced me to start working on articles with her, even to start writing again, I always stuck to writing and more importantly reading secular fiction. Secular science fiction and fantasy to tell you the truth. Well, that is, except for the times that I would crack open my Bible.

It wasn’t until my wife was able to drag me kicking and screaming by the hair into reading Christian fiction, that I realized there’s some serious talent in use for the genre.

Now, mind you, I knew she was writing a Christian Historical Fiction Western Romance (as if that’s not a mouthful in and of itself, right?). But what she introduced me to were good medieval and western fiction books. I was quite honestly, shocked.

After having spent time reading and developing a rather more distinctive writing style that I can call my own, I have had numerous people ask me, “What advice can you give a budding fiction author that is just beginning?”

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How Does One Write Well? Part 1

As a writer and an avid reader, I find that just as two of the writing tools above have changed a lot over the years, so have the books that get published. Due to the option of self-publishing and the ability to publish not only hardcover or paperback books, but also ebooks. The market is over saturated with writers and their works.

In some ways this is a good thing. In other ways, not so much. I do not mean to step on anyone’s toes in this article nor am I looking for an argument. I simply want to write what I have seen, learned, and experienced for myself with the hope that it may present food for thought for both readers and writers alike.

I have loved to read ever since I learned how to do so. I have also dreamed of being a published writer for many years. I have read MANY books over the years in every age bracket and in most genres. I have read classics and modern writings.

What have I observed as I have read so many books?

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