Last peek of ‘The Rhise of Hope’ before release!

Chapter 2: The War

The silence that met the angel was almost reverential. Leon seemed to be the only member of the group who could believe what he saw. A gauntleted hand held a cup of the bitter liquid. As Rohiel drank it, the cup disappeared into the light of his face, then reappeared less full. It seemed that it was up to Leon to respond to Rohiel.

“I have brought them, as instructed,” Leon stated, hoping for some sort of acknowledgement.

“Do not seek the approval of others before the approval of Adonai, Judge.”

“Sorry, Rohiel.”

“You are forgiven, of course.” The angel began to pace around the table, and the eyes of those who were assembled followed his movements through the empty space.

Leon spread his hands wide as he asked, “How… How is this possible?”

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A Sneak Peek at The Rhise of Hope (Darkness Overcome #2)!

The Survivor

 A month ago…

Leon awoke in a cold sweat. His naval uniform was plastered to his clammy skin. The heirloom Levigem necklace he wore was twisted awkwardly around, and painfully poked into his aching chest. Adjusting it, he tucked the gem back into his shirt and slowly sat up on the rough cot he found himself on. Everything hurt. Of course, that could have been from walking for two days without food or water.

As he looked around, Leon discovered that he was in a dimly lit cell of all places. Small, cramped, and damp, the air smelled of mold and rotting hay. A skin of water lay next to him and, feeling his parched throat, he grabbed for it and began to gulp its contents down with sheer desperation.

“Not too fast lad, or it’ll just come back up an’ out,” a rough, weary voice sounded from outside the cell.

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New Christian Fantasy Author – Max B. Sternberg

Hello everyone!

Max B. Sternberg here! Never thought to do a blog before, never thought to do a lot of things. So where to begin?

I suppose I could start with how I got here.

It was when we were house sitting for family, after I accepted Christ. We had just had a pretty critical moment in my spiritual growth and development. My wife and I were asleep and I woke up to a terrifying experience.

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