Love Secret Lies, a debut novel by Teresa Vale

As a reader, I’ve come across some great books that have left a lasting impression in me. Love Secret Lies is one that’s going to stick with me for a long time. It did more than entertain me; it propelled me back to my teen years, reminding me of my own upbringing in an African country. It was a bitter-sweet trip down memory lane, to a time the former Portuguese colony of Mozambique was a completely different place, a safe haven, until war and revolution shattered its peaceful existence and changed the lives of the thousands of people who were forced to flee the country.

For those reasons and because the book deserves to be read, I’d like to share my five-star review of the book.

Finally, a book that made me smile all the way through to the end. Love Secret Lies is one of the best books I have read so far this year. Having lived my teens in an African country around the same time as the protagonist, I found a bit of myself in the narrator as her stories allowed me to recall elements of my youth, pivotal moments that become the foundation of who we are as adults.

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Shadowsprite and Lightfoot: The Beginning

Photo by YIFEI CHEN on Unsplash

Good day everyone! In this post I thought I would share the first paragraphs from my current Work In Progress. Another fantasy, the story takes place in an alternate reality where Shape Shifters, Shadow Shifters, aelfs, dragons, unicorns, giants, and other creatures inhabit a realm that links to the human realm through a portal. Welcome to the Lands Between. I hope you enjoy this tiny foray into a new Faithful Fiction story. Blessings! C.S. Wachter

“Keagan Stormdweller. Approach.” King Nettlespore waved his son forward as he descended the shadow-wreathed steps from where his throne sat in darkness. Raised braziers set on either side of the wide stairs flickered with anemic light. Struggling to combat the gloom, they filled the air with oily smoke. “I have a most important task for you.”

Keagan strode up the center passage between flanking rows of his father’s personal guard, his spine straight, his chin up. Narrow, deep-set windows cast three stripes of radiance across the wide hall. As he walked through the first band, dim light illuminated Keagan’s tall, muscular form before he plunged back into darkness. Thrice he moved from shadow into light, the sun’s rays needling his eyes. He blinked back tears and pulled in steady breaths, then schooled his features into his standard arrogant expression as he moved past the final shaft of light, his gaze shifting over the courtiers in attendance. No one of significance, just the normal sycophants looking to lick the king’s boots. Annoying but not worth his time.

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A sneak peek at Chapter 1 of ‘The Rhise of Hope’

Cover by Nick Camilo

Chapter 1: The Meeting

Present Day

Leon felt an abundance of energy in the early morning hours, long before any of his friends awoke. Thank you Adonai, he thought, because he knew he would need it shortly. He remembered his vision, and the instructions Rohiel had given him. There was a lot that he was supposed to accomplish in a short amount of time.

As he held the old spear, its blade shone with a pale brilliant light in the darkness of the small bedroom. Leon knew it was not yet sunrise, and with little time to waste he moved with a purpose. He donned his well-crafted scale and plate armor that the dwarven smith had made, which served to mark his new identity: a Judge, a hero who hid the flawed man inside.

Leon stared at the helm in his hands. It was the last piece of the suit, and perhaps the most important. He couldn’t take any chances; if he stepped outside the room without it, he may be recognized. The multitude of wanted posters accused Leon of theft, impersonating a noble, and crimes against the crown. All of which, upon reflection, he had to admit were true.

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A True Tale Part 2

Photo by Stefano Pollio on Unsplash.jpg

General exclamations of shock whispered through the car when a pale light appeared in the far-left second story window. The orb-like luminescence filled the dark opening as if something alive was standing there. A few seconds later it was gone.

“Did you see that? Did that really happen?” I asked, my voice soft with shock.

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I feel like someone needs to hear this today

Whether you are a writer or a reader, I feel you need to hear this message today:

No matter the bumps
No matter the bruises
No matter the scars
Still the truth is
The cross has made
The cross has made you flawless
No matter the hurt
Or how deep the wound is
No matter the pain
Still the truth is
The cross has made
The cross has made you flawless

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