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Ever since I was a little girl I have loved traveling to new places. I believe traveling and living in different parts of the world has helped shape me and my writing and impacted the way I see the world. Family outings and vacations were always a source of inspiration for me. Even at school, my writing projects would often be about a new adventure or a new place I had visited. It’s no wonder geography was my favorite subject. Whether it was a road trip across the country or a day trip to the lake, I would always come home with fresh ideas for a new story or setting for a story. Even a field trip to see a ballet would prompt me to write a story about a ballet dancer. Fresh out of high school, I wanted to become an air hostess, but I stopped growing at seventeen, and my being vertically challenged pretty much ruled that out.

When I say ‘travel’, I don’t mean flying to exotic vacation resorts. Traveling can be expensive, but as a child I was blessed to have parents who loved having fun the cheap and simple way – road trips, picnics in the countryside, visiting friends in a different region of the country and the occasional splurge on a beach vacation with affordable efficiency accommodations. Yes, our family wasn’t averse to sacrificing a few luxuries in the name of fun.

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Educate, entertain, evangelize

I wrote ‘The Rhise of Light’ for a lot of reasons. It was a story that was on my heart for a while. After my job decided everyone needed to work from home late in 2019, I found the time to start writing and to self publish.

It was one day that I came up with a mission statement for the book series: entertain, educate, and evangelize. I love to entertain, so I wanted to make sure that there was action and humor in the book. I love to joke around, so it was fun. I wanted to educate others on things like biblical concepts that are not often talked about, like spiritual warfare. Lastly, I wanted to evangelize, because this is my ministry and I wanted it to be something that appealed to all. Regardless of if you believed or not.

I am also sick and tired of the woke agenda being pushed. No, FORCED down our throats. Practically everything that is coming out for entertainment now has a political agenda. A sexual agenda. A demonic agenda. It is flaunted openly from streaming services to billboards. Do you need to flash your skin everywhere and swear every other sentence to have a good story? No! Do you need to pander your orientation and personal confusion about your life choices to my kids? NO! Yet, it happens. All. The. Time.

If my book series helps brings one person to Christ or renews someone’s faith then it would all be worth it. Truthfully though? I pray fervently that I could pit my series against all the glittery vampires, vulgar sexual monsters, and leave them in the dust. I want a clean fantasy parable with a positive message to stand against the secular competition. If its not my own work, fine. If it is my books, then so be it.

‘The Rhise of Light’ is free on Kindle Unlimited, available for e-book, paperback, and soon for hardcover and audiobook (voiced by myself). For more information like free chapters, interviews, and reviews, you can visit maxbsternberg.com. Also, you can order from me directly there if you want to avoid the Amazon overlords.

This is not your average story…
This is ‘The Rhise of Light’.

Dropping the Mask

One of every human being’s most deep-seated needs is to form a personal identity that defines who he or she is.

In my series, The Seven Words, the demon, Sigmund, blocks young Prince Rayne’s memories. Why? So he can implant false memories and warp Rayne’s character—his identity. Rayne’s perception of himself—as seen through the deceptive lens of Sigmund’s corrupted identity—would taint Rayne, making him unable to become the One’s Light Bringer and fulfil the prophecy that promises Sigmund’s failure.

But Rayne’s identity is already secure in the One. He has planted an ember of hope within the young boy, giving him the strength to defy Sigmund. Eventually, Rayne recovers his old memories and, with the One’s help, realizes his true identity as a child of the One.

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Writer Tip: Use a thesaurus, but prudentally or you might get submerged in superfluous jargon

This post was originally posted on Lisa R. Howeler’s blog, Boondock Ramblings.

There are two kinds of writers: writers who overuse the thesaurus and writers who are afraid of using a thesaurus.

Okay, fine.

There are actually three types of writers, with the third type being the writer who actually knows the proper way to use the thesaurus, but those writers don’t need my advice today, so I’m pretending they don’t exist (even though I have slowly become one of those writers, but only with a great deal of practice.)

I was once afraid of the thesaurus. Somehow, I thought I should have all the words in the universe in my head already.

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Remembering to find the good in the purpose God has set for me

It’s happening again. I’m starting to hate what I love — that which provides an escape for me from the depression and the anxiety. It happened once before, about six years ago when the love of photography was beat of me not by others but by myself.

I immersed myself in photography — learning every facet about it, taking my camera everywhere, trying to build it into a business. I also learned about Lightroom and Photoshop, the editing software most commonly used by professional photographers. The business failed and I felt like a failure as a result. I also felt extremely rejected after some former friends and family members rejected the notion I could take photographs for a living.  I set the camera down for a few months and thought about how something I had once loved was now my deepest source of rejection and self-loathing.

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