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I am a turtle. Curiosity prompts me and, in time, my little, green head will inch out from its protective shell, and I will sense my surroundings. If all is fair, forward momentum is called for; if not, the safety of my shell is sought once again. You see, I suffer from phobias. In many cases, doing something that would be simple for another person is hard for me. And I don’t think I am alone. Everyone fears something. At times the fear is rational but at other times, like in my case, it is irrational.

Now, you might be asking yourself, what is she talking about? And what could this possibly have to do with writing or reading—or Hope, Hearts, or Heroes for that matter? As an author, everything. As a reader … everything.

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New Christian Fantasy Author – Max B. Sternberg

Hello everyone!

Max B. Sternberg here! Never thought to do a blog before, never thought to do a lot of things. So where to begin?

I suppose I could start with how I got here.

It was when we were house sitting for family, after I accepted Christ. We had just had a pretty critical moment in my spiritual growth and development. My wife and I were asleep and I woke up to a terrifying experience.

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by Josephine Strand

People sometimes ask me what inspired me to write Misty Dreams. My response is always: my characters. Richard and Clare came to life long before the plot was even conceived. The story evolved around them as I wrote it. It was my first attempt at a full-sized novel, and I had no concept of how to plot a story. The writing process was one long exercise in perseverance, as well as a learning experience.

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Welcome to Hope, Hearts, & Heroes

We are six writers who will share with you about their writing experiences, their published books and upcoming releases, and maybe, some of their short writing pieces. Some of us write Fantasy and some of us write in one of the Romance genres (not all the same). All of our work has a positive message. We hope you will enjoy your visit here and visit again.

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