“What Does Mr. Person Fear?” Released!

So, I thankfully decided to hit “publish” early yesterday, and I had forgotten that Amazon puts their review process after hitting “publish”. It seems obvious that they should have the button called “submit for review” or something, and after it passes review have a “publish” button that actually publishes the book, so you can control when it is published – instead of labelling the button “publish” and have it not be published until some random time up to three days later!

So prayed that it would come through yesterday, and it did, thank God! It was late in the evening when they let it through, which is one reason this post is later. 🙂


Here it is!

I feel really “close” to this book actually – you can criticise it if you want of course, haha! – it’s just that when you do art you should set out to make something you enjoy (or others won’t), and I succeeded with that in this book!

I hope y’all enjoy it! And once again,

A Very Merry Christmas!
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