Educate, entertain, evangelize

I wrote ‘The Rhise of Light’ for a lot of reasons. It was a story that was on my heart for a while. After my job decided everyone needed to work from home late in 2019, I found the time to start writing and to self publish.

It was one day that I came up with a mission statement for the book series: entertain, educate, and evangelize. I love to entertain, so I wanted to make sure that there was action and humor in the book. I love to joke around, so it was fun. I wanted to educate others on things like biblical concepts that are not often talked about, like spiritual warfare. Lastly, I wanted to evangelize, because this is my ministry and I wanted it to be something that appealed to all. Regardless of if you believed or not.

I am also sick and tired of the woke agenda being pushed. No, FORCED down our throats. Practically everything that is coming out for entertainment now has a political agenda. A sexual agenda. A demonic agenda. It is flaunted openly from streaming services to billboards. Do you need to flash your skin everywhere and swear every other sentence to have a good story? No! Do you need to pander your orientation and personal confusion about your life choices to my kids? NO! Yet, it happens. All. The. Time.

If my book series helps brings one person to Christ or renews someone’s faith then it would all be worth it. Truthfully though? I pray fervently that I could pit my series against all the glittery vampires, vulgar sexual monsters, and leave them in the dust. I want a clean fantasy parable with a positive message to stand against the secular competition. If its not my own work, fine. If it is my books, then so be it.

‘The Rhise of Light’ is free on Kindle Unlimited, available for e-book, paperback, and soon for hardcover and audiobook (voiced by myself). For more information like free chapters, interviews, and reviews, you can visit Also, you can order from me directly there if you want to avoid the Amazon overlords.

This is not your average story…
This is ‘The Rhise of Light’.

New Christian Fantasy Author – Max B. Sternberg

Hello everyone!

Max B. Sternberg here! Never thought to do a blog before, never thought to do a lot of things. So where to begin?

I suppose I could start with how I got here.

It was when we were house sitting for family, after I accepted Christ. We had just had a pretty critical moment in my spiritual growth and development. My wife and I were asleep and I woke up to a terrifying experience.

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