Word Painting

Photo by Ben Wilkins on Unsplash

Hello, This post was written by Patrick Lauser who is doing some traveling right now and had problems with computer connections, so I am posting this for him.

I’ve thought for some time about an idea I like to think of as “word painting”: the idea of just having description, with story only occurring as a part of the description rather than the other way around. The idea of description is to paint a picture after all (or perhaps a map or diagram or what have you).

It would be a good exercise, yes, but also a finished product, a goal. You wouldn’t necessarily be able to take it in in a glance like a painting (made with paint), but it would have its own advantages over other mediums.

In a way people already do this: in the house we’re staying in they have decorations (the like of which I’ve seen before) which are words like “love” and “relax”, and they have duvets with writing all over them like “new day, new start” and “life is better in pyjamas”, and abstract artists will include words in pictures as part of the art. But I wonder what it would be like to hang something like this on the wall:

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How Does One Write Well? Part 1

As a writer and an avid reader, I find that just as two of the writing tools above have changed a lot over the years, so have the books that get published. Due to the option of self-publishing and the ability to publish not only hardcover or paperback books, but also ebooks. The market is over saturated with writers and their works.

In some ways this is a good thing. In other ways, not so much. I do not mean to step on anyone’s toes in this article nor am I looking for an argument. I simply want to write what I have seen, learned, and experienced for myself with the hope that it may present food for thought for both readers and writers alike.

I have loved to read ever since I learned how to do so. I have also dreamed of being a published writer for many years. I have read MANY books over the years in every age bracket and in most genres. I have read classics and modern writings.

What have I observed as I have read so many books?

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What About Love?

Photo by Alex Block on Unsplash

My name is Kelly F. Barr and I am one of the romance writers here on Hope, Hearts, & Heroes. The novel I am working on is an historical romance story. However, I also write Flash Fiction and short stories, and in my Flash Fiction, not all of the stories include a romance … but, they do include love of some kind.

I have found that I cannot write a story without some kind of love theme woven into it. I suspect that is because I know God’s love and know that all love comes from God. Also, in His word he tells us that we are to “love our neighbors as ourselves” and “love one another”. We love because He first loved us.

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Engaging Your Readers

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Doesn’t the man in the photo above look engaged in what he is reading? As a reader, don’t you want a book to draw you into its story like that? As a writer, don’t you want your book to draw readers into your story that deeply?

So, what is it about a book that draws readers in so deeply they can’t put it down; so deeply they feel like one of the characters in the story; so deeply they literally sit on the edge or their seat; so deeply tears slide down their cheeks; or so deeply they hear no one speaking around them?

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The Power of Story

Photo by Nong Vang on Unsplash

Have you ever wondered why you love stories so much? Why does information given to you through a story stick in your head more than simple facts?

Stories have power. A well written or well told story fully engages our minds as well as our emotions.

Even before the written word, stories were handed down from generation to generation. Verbal stories were shared to keep record of family histories and community histories; how-to guides for hunting, cooking, farming, and more; or to entertain the little ones, as well as other reasons. Both verbal and written stories remain popular today. Pastors often include short stories in their sermons as an example to reinforce the message they share.

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