A True Tale Part 2

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General exclamations of shock whispered through the car when a pale light appeared in the far-left second story window. The orb-like luminescence filled the dark opening as if something alive was standing there. A few seconds later it was gone.

“Did you see that? Did that really happen?” I asked, my voice soft with shock.

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A True Tale Part 1

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Having replacement surgery of my right hip in September has left me rather foggy brained. I struggled with writing only being able to concentrate for short periods. I spent time binge watching Ghost Hunters as simple, mindless entertainment. As I thought about what to write in my befuddled state, I remembered a story I had written a few years ago about my own, personal experience with the paranormal when I was in high school. It seemed appropriate to share this in the month of October when our thoughts turn to all things ghostly on Halloween. I hope you enjoy reading Part One of my scary, true tale. Part Two will follow on October 15. Stay spooky my friends!

Autumn had already swept most of the leaves from the trees, their sad remains clogging walkways and corners. The unmistakable sense of approaching winter hung in the air, like a bird of prey about to swoop. The night was dark, and we were young and reckless and looking for adventure. At least that is what I told myself. What we really were was a bunch of silly high school students. We were members of the Manville High School Drama Club. Our play practices usually ran until about seven or eight o’clock at night. Being young and irresponsible we did not go home after practice to do homework as sensible students would, no, instead we looked for adventure, driving around for about an hour or more before heading home. Laughing and talking we drove into the country that night investigating roads we had not travelled before; following our noses to see where they would lead. 

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Thoughts And A Review

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At Love’s Command Adapted for Blog Post

Karen Witemeyer

Five Stars

Though I do not plan to make a habit of posting my reviews on this blog, I am making an exception with this one and will most likely do so for others from time to time.

I spent some time pondering how to write a review of Karen Witemeyer’s Historical Romance book At Love’s Command. After seeing so many negative reviews of this book based on the fact the main character in the novel was a soldier at the massacre at Wounded Knee, I knew I would need to address certain issues within the review.

I do not debate the horrors of that incident. The facts are brutal and historical. I do, however, find the possibility of remorse and revulsion on the part of some soldiers involved both acceptable and quite likely. And I take into account that At Love’s Command is not a historical treatise but a work of fiction.

As Christians (and At Love’s Command is a Christian Historical Romance) we are called to extend grace. The story begins with the massacre (the prologue) and Witemeyer doesn’t shirk from painting the action realistically and brutally. What she does beyond that is posit the idea of several soldiers who shrank back when they saw what was happening and were, from that time forward, changed by the deeds done on that day. They were repentant.

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For Honor – Part 2

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To a writer, creating is a joyful excursion into the unknown. When I created Je’hir’s world, I didn’t know where it was going to take me. I had a theme, recover, and a blank canvas. I prayed and began writing. There are times the words don’t flow, and the action seems frozen. Writing For Honor was one of the time the words spilled easily onto the page. I hope you are enjoying the story. If you missed Part 1, go back. Part 2 will make no sense without it.


Je’hir put on a burst of speed and sprinted toward a steep rocky outcropping. If Elder Ka’nir learned he was still trying to patch the hole, he would lecture Je’hir. You must release this absurd need to recover your family’s honor. It is beyond saving. Je’hir had heard it all many times before.  

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For Honor – Part 1

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Flash fiction is quick and fun to write. It is also quick and fun to read, which explains its growing popularity—especially among young people. By its very nature—limited word count—it trains writers to hone their craft while creating stories within the set constraints.

For Honor was originally published oi the flash fiction webzine Havok in 2019. I have tweaked this story a bit to share it here on our blog. The word count exceeds Havok’s maximum, but the piece is still short enough to be considered flash fiction. And though it is short, I have elected to divide the story into two pieces. Why, you may ask. For two reasons. First, because I am preparing for surgery in early September and wanted my posts set prior to things going even more crazy; and second, because I didn’t want my posts to get too long.  

So … enough said. I hope you enjoy For Honor.

Je’hir tried to blink back the salty tears that leaked from his eyes, past the tops of his pointed ears, and into his dark, sweat-moistened hair as he lay staring up toward the heavens. Sky, turquoise with fluffs of pink clouds filled his vision. A wavering black dot far overhead broke the serene beauty.  

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