A Giant Problem

One thing I find interesting and disappointing about today’s culture is the lack of ‘civil’ discourse. In a day and age where discussion can quickly devolve into argument, it would be impossible to come to any understanding between two disagreeing people if there isn’t a foundation of respect first. I would love to let my reader know that I do deeply respect them, even if we may foundationally disagree on certain biblical truths.

Truths like giants.

Many children learn about the story of David and Goliath early on in their lives. Even if we cannot nail down a measurement of a specific height of Goliath, the Bible makes it pretty clear: The dude was big. He even had brothers, and their genealogy referenced as being ‘Sons of Anak’ or ‘Anakim’. So for those interested in the topic, it begs the question, who was this Anak guy?

You find Anak’s line appearing earlier in the Bible. Setting the wayback machine to the Book of Numbers, we see clearly the twelve spies of Israel come back to report what they found in the promised land: Giants. Paraphrasing, ten of them were burdened with fear, “Y’all, we are like ‘grasshoppers’ to these guys!” while Joshua and Caleb were like, “Whaaaat? We got God on our side! We can totally take these guys!”

Numbers 13:33 is where you want to look for that story. Long story short, it was another 38 to 40 years before the Israelite people got to enter the promised land. One could go back even further to Genesis 6 and see their origin point in biblical understanding. The point I want to drive home though, is that giants existed. They were real. You can’t believe in the Bible and not have to wrap your head around that fact.

Yet many dismiss them as fantastical. Like bigfoot or aliens, giants are dismissed to the movie screens and the pages of fantasy where there is clearly evidence to the contrary. Beyond the Bible, you can find news articles, skeletons, footprints in stone, and plenty of archeological evidence to support giants in the earth. Especially if you take into account the megalithic structures found around the world that can be attested as pre-flood ruins. Mentioned in my last post, which is easier to believe? That humans built these superior structures that have lasted for thousands of years with skill that eludes us today? Or could they have been made by giants, who could move and fashion these several ton blocks together much easier?

Is there skepticism, sure. The mind doesn’t want to comprehend the implications. Especially from the evolutionary perspective. It does not fit the narrative at all that wants to be posed. For that, I would refer back to my first paragraph about civil discourse. Where did the lost art of debate go? When did theological defense and apologetics transition to taking offense? If you see pictures of giant bones and local anthropology in your area has giant legends (Like the Giant of Kandahar military urban legend back during the early 2000s), then why dismiss them as fantastical? If evolution was truly a viable concept, then the biggest and the strongest would survive. The giants would be here today if not for a massive, biblical intervention. I would love to talk to a darwinian about this and have a civil discourse, but sadly, I haven’t found any. 

Interestingly enough, believing that giants built these structures and seeing the evidence can deepen our faith, but this still doesn’t change our main theology. This doesn’t change our salvation as Christians. What it does is provide supporting evidence of the Old Testament. Of Genesis. Of a biblical flood. Of being able to say, ‘If this is real, then so can this!’. Because the truth is simply this: even if a generous portion of reported bones, sites, stories, myths, and local legends about Nephilim giants all turned out to be a hoax, that still leaves the other portion that is not. The portion that is based in fact. Which means that they DID exist.

One only has to be willing to look. Seek, and ye shall find. What I found rocked me to my core. I wanted to share what I found, so I included some of what I discovered in the ‘Darkness Overcome’ series. Look well, because once you do, you may never look at the world the same way again.

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Author: maxbsternberg

Max B. Sternberg lives in Virginia with his wonderful wife and two incredible boys. When he is not working, or filling his time with the activities of a husband and dad, he enjoys delving deeper into biblical scripture and telling dad jokes. He strives to live his life as best he can – in all areas – for Jesus. Max believes that humor, mixed with truth, and tied together in a relatable way, can be an amazing way to reach people for the Lord. It is his sincere hope that readers will find his imaginings, paired together with biblical truth, inspirational for a deeper relationship with Christ. For more info, please check out his author page at http://maxbsternberg.com/. His works, the Darkness Overcome Series, include The Rhise of Light, The Rhise of Hope (Releases Dec 20th, 2021), and The Rhise of Truth (Releases 2022).

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